Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a limo?

A. Call the limo company and put a deposit down with any major credit card. The deposit amount is credited to the total and is usually $100 to one half the total amount

Q. How do limo companies charge?

A. A number of variables go into determining the charge. For example: size vehicle, type of vehicle, number of passengers, pick-up location, number of hours needed and when booked. A hummer will cost more than a sedan. Five passengers will require a smaller limo than eight passengers. A pick-up across the state will be more than an in city pick-up due to drive time. A weekend or holiday may cost more than a weekday.

Q. What information does the limo company need in order to give me a price?

A. Vehicles are booked on a first come first serve basis. Be ready with a major credit card to reserve your vehicle. When you call give the desired day, date, number hours, number of passengers, where from and where to (generally) and type of event. The reservation specialist will check vehicle availability for that date and time then tell you what he/she has available and the price. That price is only good for immediate booking. If you call back the date and/or vehicle may no longer be available. Remember reservations are constantly being made.

Q. Is my credit card charged the full amount before the run?

A. Yes.

Q. What if I’m not sure how many people will be coming?

A. Set a maximum number of people you will be bringing along then reserve your vehicle. If less come no problem. It’s better to have more space than not enough space.

Q. What if I don’t know the difference between the various types of vehicles?

A. Call your limousine company, your reservation specialist is there to help you and to advise you as to what’s available and will explain to you the difference in cost and size vehicles.

Q. What if I want to go somewhere other than to the place I originally said I wanted to go when I reserved the vehicle?

A. You booked the vehicle for a number of hours, during that time you can go anywhere you want. If you are not sure where you will be going, simply say “As Directed”, when asked where you will be going.

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours?

A. Yes. Usually two hours during the day and 3 at night.

Q. Is there a set rate for Airport to Santa Fe?

A. Yes. You are charged for 2 1/2 hours. The driver must pay airport fees, parking fees, be at airport ahead of time, wait for plane, baggage, drive to Santa Fe then bring the vehicle back to the lot. You will be charged for any extraordinary wait time such as, the plane arriving late (more than 1/2 hour late).

Q. Do I get my deposit back if I change my mind?

A. Cancellation 72 hours or more before scheduled pick-up, your deposit is refunded. Cancellation less than 72 hours, deposit is non-refundable.

Q. On wedding packages is the red carpet, champagne, just married sign, ice, waters and sodas extra?

A. No.

Q. If I want to tour New Mexico for a number of days or a week, is this possible?

A. Yes. Make arrangements with your reservation specialist.

Q. What if I book a limo or towncar then have to make changes?

A. Easy, simply call your reservation specialist.

Q. What if I rent a limo then decide I want more time while on the run?

A. Let your driver know as soon as possible. He/she may or may not have another run immediately following your run, he/she will let you know and can adjust payment accordingly.

Q. Do your drivers provide sodas, waters, ice, glasses in the limos?

A. Yes.

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