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Testimonial: “David, this was a Very Good Trip Thank You!” Peter Jennings, ABC World News Tonight.

julia9.png Testimonial: “Great Ride Dave, Thank You Very Much!” Julia Roberts. music_bullet.cmp Opera music_bullet.cmp Lotus music_bullet.cmp Lost

neildiamond.pngTestimonial:”I Thank All of You for the Great Service, I appreciate it!” Neil Diamond.

tapia1.png tapia2.png Testimonial: “Your the Greatest, Boss; – Thanks to you and Frank for taking care of Team Tapia in Albuquerque!” Johnny Tapia, World Champion.

sophia32.png Testimonial: “Thanks for the Help with the Benefit Guys!” Sophia Loren.

ali1.pngTestimonial: “I enjoy the Converstation as well as the Drive” Ali Mcgraw, Friends.

val1.bmp Testimonial: “Great Job, Thanks!” Val Kilmer.

carolburnett21.png Testimonial: “Now that was Fun, Lets Do It Again!” Carol Burnett.

American Limousine ***** A Five Star Limousine Company

The power of pride makes us the Greatest Limousine Company and Chauffeurs in the World! Limos to the Stars!

“For The Ride of Your Life”