Month: February 2019

It is to take into account that different countries around the globe have different driving system. For instance, in Britain people use cars or vehicles that are right-handed. According to the countries, this system ensures maximum safety on the road. In the similar way, it is customary in Japan to manufacture right-handed cars.

A lot of services of car rentals in North York often work on used Japanese cars to reverse the driving system. This is because, in Canada, the left-hand vehicles are ubiquitous. It is very much mandatory to abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the Government to take the ride on the road.

So, if you are planning to bring a pre-purchased vehicle from the land of the rising Sun, you need to consider the need of converting the same. To give you a better idea, here comes the detailed overview.

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Things to Know About Converting Vehicles

Undoubtedly, Japanese car manufacturers are known for their finesse and sophistication. They implement the state-of-the-art technology ensuring excellent performance on track. So, converting a car made in Japan needs real expertise with a proven track record. You need opt for a superior company of car rentals in North York to get the work done for you.

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Some of the important conversions that you need to pay heed are as follows:

  • Positioning of the steering wheels
  • System placement of air conditioning evaporator duct
  • Dashboard positioning and repainting
  • Exchange of rack & opinion
  • Replacement of shift knob if required
  • Repositioning and angle adjustment of mirror positioning


The list is exhaustive and most importantly, you don’t have the luxury to skip the same. So, to make the entire process of conversion of the driving system, it is always recommendable to opt for a standard service of car rentals in North York.


Before that, educate yourself a bit more with steering conversion.

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Steering Conversion in a Nutshell:

Justifying its name, this is a holistic practice that entirely changes the driving system of a pre-used or brand new car. Converting a right-handed vehicle to a left handed one entails a lot of mechanical and electrical work.

While dealing with the process you must not compromise with the following aspects:

  1. Optimization of maximum comfort & convenience
  2. Retention of power assisted steering system
  3. Reinstallation of electric windows
  4. Central locking system

Considering the factors mentioned above, you must choose your service provider carefully. After all, these intricate works entail hands of experts. For more information about car rentals read this article!


The Procedure:

Usually, the process is initiated by the removal followed by replacement of the right-handed dashboard. The very next step is to replace the left-hand drive steering rack on its opposite side. Once done, the mechanics concentrate on attaching the additional accessories as per the requirements. Moreover, the experts should consider removal and replacement of the floor console and gear selectors before having the final delivery.

Once, all the procedures are performed, your car is all-ready to pass the inspections and other filter tests. Always to remember to choose the best of the best services of car rentals in North York which holds the potential to provide compelling service at a competitive price at once. For more information visit here!


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