Month: October 2018

Most people want to know how much money does the Brink’s Armored Trucks carries. But, no one can give you the right or straight answer.

The curiosity has increased more in most people ever since the professional athlete signs a big contract. Recently, Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers quarterback is surely getting ‘Brink’s Truck Money’ if he agrees to negotiate a contract with the Packers.

However, this tenure is not just limited to sports, now the Brink’s truck is considered as a semi-universal representation for carrying a great amount of cash. For example:

  • A French Montana in his 2013 “Pop that” single, rapped, “Got a Brink’s Truck in my pocket.”
  • Gucci Mane dedicated the entire song to Brink’s Trucks.
  • Lil Pump says that he is “a Walkin’ Brink’s Truck.” as he wears a lot of expensive jewelry.

armored trucks

Now, you really want to know about the precise amount of money that the Brink’s truck carries. However, like said before, armored trucks drivers or operators were unwilling to answer this question, apparently, this is because they feel that it might cause a security breach. And, you cannot expect a straight answer from Brink’s PR section as they are no chance that they reply to your emails, they completely ignored my two emails.

However, with a bit of research a lot of rejections to answer the question, finally the Treasury division at the US Mint was helpful a bit and this division accountable for coinage.  The Mint spokesman said the United State Government contacts Dunbar, Brink’s, and other armored transportation companies regularly to hike huge amounts of money to and from FRB (Federal Reserve Banks). But, he also didn’t reveal any secret about the money that the armored truck carries.

But, the Herzog Company says they have transported around 2 million dollars in all 100 dollar bills to a client.  Also, it said the money can fill up half of the space in the truck, which means the entire truck can fit around 4 million dollars and it can be packed the top.

According to Ash alleges, a classic armored truck can carry hundreds of millions of dollars. Ash says, the banks not often work in creed higher than 100 dollar bills.  A strap of 100 dollar bills is worth 10,000 dollars, and ten straps are considered a bundle, and it is worth 100,000 dollars. Ten bundles are considered ‘Rack’ and it is worth one million dollars. 100 racks are called a pallet and it is worth 100 million dollars. Now, the standard-issue armored trucks can carry between 4 and six pallets or up to 600 million dollars.  So, now you know exactly how much a Brink’s truck can carry, the maximum amount that you can fill in the truck will be approximately half a billion dollars.

Also, most armored trucks are not permitted to carry billions of dollars because of the security reasons. According to the Ash reports, the most that an armored truck can carry is about two million dollars based on insurance. So accordingly, you can guess that Brink’s Truck can carry around two million dollars to four million dollars maximum.


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