There are many benefits to using party bus services. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about parking. You can get a party bus that has a designated space for your group. Second, you can avoid the hassle of having to wait in line for a cab. Third, party buses have drivers who know the best party spots in town. These drivers have lots of contacts and can get your guests into the party hot spots without a hassle.


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Black Magic Party Bus is a VIP room on wheels

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or a sweet sixteen, a Black Magic Party Bus is the perfect way to celebrate in style. This limo-style vehicle features a simulated nightclub environment with lounge-style seating and disco lighting. You’ll also find a PlayStation 2 gaming console, a stripper pole, and a DJ.

It holds up to 40 passengers

If you are planning a party or a night out with a group of friends, you should look for a Party Bus service that can accommodate 40 passengers or more. This type of bus comes with many amenities, including fiber optic lighting, iPod docks, dance poles, multiple wet bar areas, and bathrooms.

You can choose from a variety of different vehicles. Large party buses can hold up to 40 people, while smaller vehicles may accommodate up to 20 passengers. Whether you need to transport more than 40 people for a bachelorette or hen night, a party bus is the perfect way to get your friends and family to the venue.


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It comes with a full bar

One of the best ways to enjoy a night on the town is to rent a party bus. These buses are fully equipped with a full bar and entertainment system. They also come with fun lighting, such as lasers or strobes. They may even have bathrooms. The great thing about party buses is that you don’t need to get off the bus to use the restrooms.

When you hire a party bus, you’ll have a variety of options when it comes to drinks and snacks. While many buses have neon-lit bars, you can also bring your favorite drinks and snacks. Just make sure to ask about the rules regarding bringing food and ice, as different companies have different policies.

It has restrooms

If you are traveling with a large group and need transportation that includes restroom facilities, you may want to consider party bus rentals Toronto. These buses are usually equipped with restrooms to accommodate up to fifty people. Having restrooms on board your party bus will help you avoid the hassle of finding an area where to use the restroom.

Restrooms are an essential part of any event, and many party bus services provide them. If you are looking for a comfortable ride for a large group of people, the Uptown Bus has restrooms on board. These restrooms are a great feature that will help your party last longer.

It’s a safe option to organize events

If you are planning to organize events using a party bus, you should first secure a business license. This is essential to avoid the risk of being sued. Also, if you fail to obtain the appropriate licensing for your business, you could be sued personally. To prevent this from happening, you should form your business as an LLC. You can do this yourself or hire a service that does it for you. You should also elect a registered agent. Most LLC formation packages include a free year of registered agent services. Furthermore, you must register your business with the appropriate federal and state tax authorities.

While hiring a party bus, make sure to carefully evaluate the vehicles. You should look for a vehicle that will accommodate a minimum of 30 people. In addition to this, you should make sure to hire a vehicle that has all the necessary features.


Limousines are considered to be the symbol of elegance and excellence. Previously, limos were associated with elite and high-status people. However, things have changed over the last few years. Now, even the people with low income can avail this luxurious transport. All you need to do is get in touch with a limousine provider.

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However, there are several limousine companies out there and to get the ride of the lifetime, you have to choose the appropriate limo service Toronto. For this, you need do a proper research. Here are some factors that you need to consider before a hiring a limousine service.

Reputation and Operation                            

A company should have the required experience in order to offer you satisfactory service. Even though new businesses might offer you the cars at a cheap rate, it is generally the most established companies that are able to help you out with the problems that you face like the car problems and change in direction. In other words, you should hire a company that has enough experience and a positive reputation. This way you will have one less thing to worry about.



The budget that you have is one of the most important things that have to be taken into account when you hire a limo. These are affordable and you can choose them to save some money. If you want to hire a Olympic limousine service Toronto at a reasonable price then you need to book it in advance. At times, when you book early, you are given a discount.

You also have the option of making the booking during the off season. During this time, the prices are pretty low and you will be able to maintain your budget. You should look for a limousine that caters to your price range. Obviously, you do not want to be broke after the event is done.
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Space Required

The limos are available in different sizes. You have to hire a limousine which will fit in all the people that are traveling. If you want a limo for a wedding then you have to make sure that it has enough space. Also, if you are hiring the limousine for a special occasion, you have to get something that looks prestigious. This is a great way to make a statement on the special day.


Insurance is another thing that you have to take into account when you hire a limousine. You might already be spending a lot of money for the event and hence, you have to ensure that you will not have to pay any money for any damage if there is an accident. You also have to find out if the chauffeur has proper insurance.

These are the factors that you keep in mind when you hire a limo service Toronto. If you follow them, you will be able to choose the appropriate limo to make the event memorable. You need value for money. A reliable and dedicated limousine service will provide you with quality service. If you hire a limousine you will be able to travel to the safe and securely.

Traveling in a limousine has become a thing of fashion today among the elite. Whether it’s going to a wedding reception, or a grand party and prom nights, most privileged travelers prefer to make a ‘grand entrance’ in a limousine. Further in cities of Fort Worth and Dallas and other leading cities, most people prefer to hire rather than buy a limo.

However, in case you’re wondering how much it exactly costs to buying a limousine, it’s undoubtedly a lot.  Take regular cars priced 20,000 USD and convert it into a stretched limo the price goes up to almost 80,000 USD.


Now, various models have different kinds of prices. Here’s jotting down the basic types of limousines as per their respective price ranges –


  1. $75,000- $90,000 range

The minimum cost to buy a limo with standard services will go up to 75,000 USD. Anything priced lower may not be of optimal quality. Now, while second-hand limousines cost lower and are priced less than 70,000 USD investing in these is a loss. The vehicles might end up breaking down frequently due to inferior parts used etc.

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Now, at 75,000 you will get a Lincoln Federal Silverstone, which comes equipped with automatic transmission installed in a V8 engine, 4.6 l. Apart from this, for something smaller you can pick a stretch limousine from Mini Cooper. This one is the epitome of small size but greater comfort. These vehicles start from $66,000 and go up to 90,000 USD. Coming with every modern technological facility, this range also includes a hot bathtub for added luxury.

  1. $165,000 -$344,600 range

If you’re looking to buy a limo that screams luxury, then it’s best to pick one from the range above 160,000 USD. In this range, you can pick the latest Hummer H2 limousine that starts from 165,000 USD and goes up to 220,000 USD. Costing as much as grand home this one further offers the itsy bitsy luxuries of daily life that can make the limo experience grand.

Apart from this, one can also buy a limo like the 2007 BMW Stretch limousine. This one comes furnished with two phones, a satellite receiver for unlimited internet access along with a laptop computer and henceforth is priced a little higher at 344,600 USD. The brownie point the vehicle comes in a multitude of colors for users to pick.

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Apart from these, if you want purchase a limousine solely for aesthetic and regal reasons then your budget should be above a million. You can pick the coveted 2007 Phantom from Rolls-Royce which will cost you around 1.2 million USD.

Now, if you think the price of buying a limousine is too high for selective use, you can always contact a limo hire service to achieve the same. Various teenagers, graduates along with partygoers and wedding congregations are successfully hiring limousines to make their ‘grand entrance’. However, if you wish to buy a limo, try the above-mentioned ones as these have the most retail value in the market.

Most people want to know how much money does the Brink’s Armored Trucks carries. But, no one can give you the right or straight answer.

The curiosity has increased more in most people ever since the professional athlete signs a big contract. Recently, Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers quarterback is surely getting ‘Brink’s Truck Money’ if he agrees to negotiate a contract with the Packers.

However, this tenure is not just limited to sports, now the Brink’s truck is considered as a semi-universal representation for carrying a great amount of cash. For example:

  • A French Montana in his 2013 “Pop that” single, rapped, “Got a Brink’s Truck in my pocket.”
  • Gucci Mane dedicated the entire song to Brink’s Trucks.
  • Lil Pump says that he is “a Walkin’ Brink’s Truck.” as he wears a lot of expensive jewelry.

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Now, you really want to know about the precise amount of money that the Brink’s truck carries. However, like said before, armored trucks drivers or operators were unwilling to answer this question, apparently, this is because they feel that it might cause a security breach. And, you cannot expect a straight answer from Brink’s PR section as they are no chance that they reply to your emails, they completely ignored my two emails.

However, with a bit of research a lot of rejections to answer the question, finally the Treasury division at the US Mint was helpful a bit and this division accountable for coinage.  The Mint spokesman said the United State Government contacts Dunbar, Brink’s, and other armored transportation companies regularly to hike huge amounts of money to and from FRB (Federal Reserve Banks). But, he also didn’t reveal any secret about the money that the armored truck carries.

But, the Herzog Company says they have transported around 2 million dollars in all 100 dollar bills to a client.  Also, it said the money can fill up half of the space in the truck, which means the entire truck can fit around 4 million dollars and it can be packed the top.

According to Ash alleges, a classic armored truck can carry hundreds of millions of dollars. Ash says, the banks not often work in creed higher than 100 dollar bills.  A strap of 100 dollar bills is worth 10,000 dollars, and ten straps are considered a bundle, and it is worth 100,000 dollars. Ten bundles are considered ‘Rack’ and it is worth one million dollars. 100 racks are called a pallet and it is worth 100 million dollars. Now, the standard-issue armored trucks can carry between 4 and six pallets or up to 600 million dollars.  So, now you know exactly how much a Brink’s truck can carry, the maximum amount that you can fill in the truck will be approximately half a billion dollars.

Also, most armored trucks are not permitted to carry billions of dollars because of the security reasons. According to the Ash reports, the most that an armored truck can carry is about two million dollars based on insurance. So accordingly, you can guess that Brink’s Truck can carry around two million dollars to four million dollars maximum.


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