Difference between Normal Car and Armor Car

In this highly volatile world, one gets to see that the rate of crime and unforeseen incidents gradually increasing. This has been possible with the coming up of deadly ammunitions. The deadly weapons seem to pose a great threat for the people, especially important persons like dignitaries, government officials, VIP persons or celebrities. With the rise of the deadly weapons, also the demand of armor car has also increased. The armored cars are designed in such a way that these important personnel’s remain protected from all kinds of threats.


Armored Vehicles Are Highly Secure

 Armored vehicles are highly secure. The vehicles can be used not only for ferrying passengers or important people safely from one location to another, but also for moving important valuables like cash, jewelry or other important assets.

Generally, the clientele of armored vehicles are important persons like VIPs or government officials or celebrities. One question that might come to your mind is that why these important people should travel in an armored vehicle instead of their luxurious Sedans or SUVs. Well, armor car can help them to travel to any location without any issues. Moreover, it can also help them to get a safe passage from any high-risk situation.

armor car

Security: A Serious Concern

Obviously, the most important concern of important personnel’s is to ensure their safety and security. The armored vehicles are designed in such a way that it protects the occupants of the car from any kind of impact. Although, the design of the armored vehicles are kept natural so that attackers don’t come to know that it is armored. Basically, the vehicles are made ballistic resistance. In fact, depending on the type of resistance that one wants armoring is done.


Pointing Out the Difference


The material that goes in the manufacturing of armored vehicles makes the car armored. For example, the whole body starting from the doors to the walls, ceiling to the floors are armored. Basically, it is composed of stainless as well as galvanized steel.

The steel is hardened so that it becomes strong and remains safe from any kind of corrosion. In order to armor the car the steel is treated with high heat or can be made to go through the process of forging.


Unlike a normal car, the windows of an armor car are replaced with a bulletproof glass which is usually made up of layers of automotive glass. Apart from that, layers of armor plates are placed on the outer skin of the car.

  • Tires

The tires of an armored vehicle are designed in such a way that even after getting hit by a bullet, it can run a long distance safely.
Well, an armored car differs from a normal car in the aforementioned ways. If you want to buy a brand new armor car, make sure to get in touch with a right company that deals with it. They can provide you with a wide fleet of armored vehicles based on your budget. Read here more about the million dollar Mercedes SUV here.